Slow — How Long, Lord?

Often I think that God is slow to answer the requests I bring before Him. How long, O Lord?

But is it that God is slow?

Or is it that I’m not looking for His answer?
Or as often is the case, I don’t like His answer so I pretend I don’t see it, I brush it off, I try to reinterpret.

I’m moving very slow these days. Can’t seem to find my footing, any energy, the right motivations. The mind numbing scrolling of social media, and silly games on my phone just keep pulling me in…

How long, Julie? How long will you waste your time? How long will you let anxiety dominate your thoughts? How long will you choose junk food over veggies and protein, Netflix binging over outdoor walks? How long will you procrastinate from writing, when you know that writing is what helps you process, writing is what slows the anxious thoughts and reminds you of the truth of God’s Word.

Psalm 13 hit a bit different for me this morning. So I make myself slow down in different way. I remove the distractions. I pull out my keyboard and reflect on my morning notes and I thank God for new mercies. For the gift of the Psalms when I don’t know where else to turn. For showing me that God’s slowness is an example of his long-suffering toward His children, His patience that never runs out, His faithfulness. That he delivers me and is generous toward me. That my slowness, my stillness, my weakness is God’s opportunity to deliver me and shower me with His faithful love.

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