How can I stretch myself, I asked?
One whole week of free write poetry
Practice and play
Explore and attempt

Happy little poems
Or awkward stunted phrases
Poetry is what you make it
Endless possibilities

Have a little faith
Open the door of your heart
Pray for inspiration
Express your creativity

His blood
Our redemption
Poured out Grace
Everything according to His will

How deep his love lavished
On us with wisdom
Purposed in Christ
Enlightened to know His calling

Our God’s
Exercised in resurrection

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Explore Poetry

Time to focus, time to dream
Time to step off
the beaten path, And explore

Take it slow. It can’t be rushed.
Dig deep, run far
Leave the familiar behind

Take a walk around the pond.
Look up. Look down.
Explore the woods and wander.

Imagine words and sentences.
Pick up the pen
And write, with boldness, bravely

Write outside your comfort zone
Try something new
Write with hope, anticipation

Deep stretch your writing muscles
Try poetry
And be surprised by what comes

Created in God’s image,
So I create
I explore the depths of grace.

When I write I come alive
Find hope again
And trust that He sustains me.

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Quiet —In Poetry Form

When it’s quiet I catch my breath,
I soak in the stillness, the silence
I notice the trees and the clouds

In the quiet, I ponder
I give thanks
I remember

Be still and know…

Know that the rushing and the busyness
Does not feed your soul
Know that the noise and chaos
Begets more noise and chaos
Know that being too busy
Is a distraction from the kingdom of God

Be still and know…

Know that He is God.
Know that He is good.
Know that He gives His children rest.
Know that quieting your heart before Him brings peace that passes understanding.

In quietness, I am renewed.

“For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭30:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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A Country Villanelle

I live in the country
On top of a mountain.
It’s God’s gift to me.


The fields and the trees,
And the changing of seasons,
I’m thankful to live in the country.


The blue birds sing sweetly.
The crows are rambunctious.
It’s God’s gift to me.


The sun rises brightly
The sun sets with glory
It’s delightful to live in the country.


We see bear, deer, and turkey
The occasional porcupine
God overflows gifts to me.


The changing of seasons can’t be beat
Spring. Summer. Winter. Fall.
I’m so glad to live in the country
And count all of God’s gifts to me.


Resurrection Day Pantoum

Jesus rose from the dead
He told us he was going to
We followed where he led
He had only chosen a few.


He told us he was going to
Suffer, be mocked, bleed, and die
He had only chosen us few
And we betrayed, ran away and denied


Suffered mocked, bled and died
He did this for you and me
We doubt, run away, and deny
But he loves and forgives patiently.


He did this for you and for me
He wants us to live victoriously
He loves and forgives endlessly
And gives us the tools that we need


He wants us to live victoriously
As told in the love note he left
He gives us the power we need
Power that raised Jesus from the dead.


Baking Sestina

The kitchen is my happy place
I like to spend time baking
A cup of this and a pinch of that
And always chocolate in the recipe
They say that it’s addicting–sugar
But honestly, what’s not to love


I call it my language of love
But prefer to be alone in this place;
The art of baking
Can be stress relief at that.
Maybe it’s following a recipe,
Maybe this sweetness of sugar.


Brown sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar
Creamed with butter equals love.
Vanilla and eggs, even cream has its place
When the oven is on for baking.
Cookies, cakes, frosting, and that
Homemade cinnamon roll recipe.


I’m a big fan of taking a recipe
And making it full of sugar.
The sweetness, the sugar rush–Oh for the love!
But as healthier eating takes place
In my life, the baking
It changes to reflect that


Counting calories and all that
Means tweaking the recipe
And cutting out a little sugar.
Because a little less is still love
And healthier substitutes find their place
When the cravings hit and I once again start baking.

Snow Day

Snow Day

Fresh new white layer, there is no place to go.
So we gather our sleds to play in the snow.

Who goes fastest down the hill?
What a blast! What a thrill!

Up and down the hill sharing just two sleds,
So much fun and laughter, noses turning red.

Hour after hour, spent out in the snow.
Hands, cold and numb, now sip cocoa slow.

Marshmallows and chocolate stain our lips.
Mom gives us cookies; cleans up the drips.