So stories are basic to the faith…, because I think our faith, if it’s worth anything, comes from the story that each one of us has lived in this world, not just from what we heard from the pulpit. Our faith comes from our own individual stories. It is through our stories that God speaks to us and gives us the sense that they have a plot.

~Frederick Buechner  

  • Jesus—in the middle of it all
    … in the middle of it all, when I’m tempted to claim a crisis of faith, I can’t. I am constantly reminded that Jesus has the words of life and I go back to my favorite Psalms and remember how David prayed honest prayers and refocused and realigned his heart with the truth of God’s Word. #HopeWriterLife #writeyourheartout #Psalms #JesusOnlyJesus
  • My Purpose is to Praise Him
    Some days all I can do is praise Jesus. When all I want to do is complain. When I can’t find the words to say. #HopeWriterLife #amwriting #writeyourheartout #chasingoutthedark #ThyKingdomCome
  • Writing—A memorial of Words
    These are essay cairns (a memorial of words instead of rocks) to myself and hopefully a witness to those who cross this path, that God is good, and God is truth and life, and there is always hope. #HopeWriterLife #writeyourheartout #faithwriters #Hope #Remember #chasingoutthedark