So stories are basic to the faith…, because I think our faith, if it’s worth anything, comes from the story that each one of us has lived in this world, not just from what we heard from the pulpit. Our faith comes from our own individual stories. It is through our stories that God speaks to us and gives us the sense that they have a plot.

~Frederick Buechner  

  • H O P E
    How can I stretch myself, I asked?One whole week of free write poetryPractice and playExplore and attempt Happy little poemsOr awkward stunted phrasesPoetry is what you make itEndless possibilities Have a little faithOpen the door of your heartPray for inspirationExpress your creativity His bloodOur redemptionPoured out GraceEverything according to His will How deep his love …

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  • Explore Poetry
    Time to focus, time to dreamTime to step offthe beaten path, And explore Take it slow. It can’t be rushed.Dig deep, run farLeave the familiar behind Take a walk around the pond.Look up. Look down.Explore the woods and wander. Imagine words and sentences.Pick up the penAnd write, with boldness, bravely Write outside your comfort zoneTry …

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  • Quiet —In Poetry Form
    When it’s quiet I catch my breath,I soak in the stillness, the silenceI notice the trees and the clouds In the quiet, I ponderI give thanksI remember Be still and know… Know that the rushing and the busynessDoes not feed your soulKnow that the noise and chaosBegets more noise and chaosKnow that being too busyIs …

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