So stories are basic to the faith…, because I think our faith, if it’s worth anything, comes from the story that each one of us has lived in this world, not just from what we heard from the pulpit. Our faith comes from our own individual stories. It is through our stories that God speaks to us and gives us the sense that they have a plot.

~Frederick Buechner  

  • Settling in, Paying attention, Giving thanks
    It’s 8pm on move-in day and I am exhausted. There are boxes everywhere, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward all the wonderful people that helped us throughout the day… We own a lot of stuff. So I take a moment and step outside. I look around at these new surroundings and everywhere I turn …

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  • Change and Gratitude
    It’s been over four years since I chose my #onceamonthspot as an act of faith because the property we live on went up for sale. Four and a half years later and it still hasn’t sold, but other things have changed and God opened doors and we are moving. So this right here is the …

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  • God’s Timing and God’s Goodness
    “He brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me, because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19 And now He’s moving me to a new place… He still delivers, He still delights, but the large place might look different than what I might define it. #trust #mynextrightthing #JesusOnlyJesus #HopeWriterLife #theministryofordinaryplaces