Baking Sestina

The kitchen is my happy place
I like to spend time baking
A cup of this and a pinch of that
And always chocolate in the recipe
They say that it’s addicting–sugar
But honestly, what’s not to love


I call it my language of love
But prefer to be alone in this place;
The art of baking
Can be stress relief at that.
Maybe it’s following a recipe,
Maybe this sweetness of sugar.


Brown sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar
Creamed with butter equals love.
Vanilla and eggs, even cream has its place
When the oven is on for baking.
Cookies, cakes, frosting, and that
Homemade cinnamon roll recipe.


I’m a big fan of taking a recipe
And making it full of sugar.
The sweetness, the sugar rush–Oh for the love!
But as healthier eating takes place
In my life, the baking
It changes to reflect that


Counting calories and all that
Means tweaking the recipe
And cutting out a little sugar.
Because a little less is still love
And healthier substitutes find their place
When the cravings hit and I once again start baking.


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