Saving My Life: Autumn Edition

What is saving my life right now? It can really be wrapped up in a single answer:

Looking for Jesus in everyday moments

The grass you water flourishes. The books you read, the focus of your studies determines what you learn. How you spend your time shows your priorities. What you focus on becomes clearer. And when I look for Jesus in everyday moments, I realize He is always right here with me, even when I am not paying attention. When I am looking, I see Him in every moment—good, hard, everyday, supernatural.

Writing is saving my life. As always, I do not spend enough time writing either, but when I sit down, God gives me words. And when ideas come to mind, I am trying to write them down in the moment so I can go back later. I see Jesus in the gift of writing and in the words He gives me and how those stories can encourage others.

Chocolate is saving my life—Dark chocolate of course, chocolate mint s’mores, chocolate peanut butter candy bars, hot chocolate. Just a little treat and always in moderation. God created cacao beans, God created the people who mixed the right amount of sugar with the right amount of cocoa. So yes, I can look for Jesus even in my chocolate treats.

The sky is saving my life. Once again, the ministry of paying attention to the world around you, paying attention to God’s creation, to seeing the sky and how it’s always changing, and to think on the millions of people that are sharing this same big sky. A gift from our creator, a reminder that He is intimately involved in our lives, that He cares about little old me spinning on this tiny circle He created in the whole wide universe.

And I see the sky best when I’m walking. So walking is saving my life. I wish I was walking more. Walking at least once a week is not much but it is always helpful for a fresh perspective, a little exercise, and shaking up my routine. Walking helps me see Jesus in my neighborhood, in my friendships, in the changing colors of autumn leaves.

Deep breaths are saving my life. Taking a deep breath slows me down, it stretches my neck and back muscles, it fills my lungs with oxygen. Deep breaths when life is going great helps me to stay present in the moment, to appreciate the gifts, and to give thanks to God who gives good gifts. Deep breaths when life is overwhelming and hectic helps me to pause and remember what is important in the grand scheme of things. To remember that God is present and carries us through that hard stuff.

Good food is saving my life, because good food is often accompanied by good friends and that is a lifesaver, too. Church small group, Sunday afternoon pizza, a random weeknight soup. All feed my soul and my body. Jesus is present in community and in sharing the table with others. God created us to need nourishment both with food and with friends and I’m thankful for how those things are saving my life right now.

What is saving YOUR life right now? Where do you see Jesus in the good and in the hard?

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