Possibility in habits

For the first time in three weeks, I’m beginning to see possibility in 2022. I often focus on the negative possibilities of the future, all the things that could go wrong… pessimist, realist. But I’m working to renew my mind and change the stinking thinking and see life as God has planned for me… Abundant life. Maybe not “successful” as the world defines successful, but full and overflowing with His faithful love.

When I write, I reflect and I pay attention. Sometimes it’s a simple habit… this year, I started two tiny habits that take me less than 5 minutes before bed. I reflect on the day and write down one memorable moment (or even not so memorable moment) in my new #OneLineADay journal. One day, I simply wrote “another sick day” because that was all that had happened. Will I keep it up every night for 5 years straight? Only time will tell, but I believe it is a possibility.

And I picked up this devotional for writers that my dad gave me over 5 years ago. A quote, a scripture, a reflection on life and writing. It’s just the little habit I need to remind myself that I can be a writer too. That God has given me abilities to use for His glory, to declare His goodness, to praise His name. It reminds me that God is good and He directs my steps.

I see possibility in growth in my marriage, in my relationship with my kids, in being a testimony at work, in living in my faith community, in developing my writing. I see God directing my steps and lighting my path. I see the benefits of baby steps, celebrating small successes, and remembering that I am a work in progress.

#hopewriterlife #possibility #justwrite #amwriting #chasingoutthedark #theministryofpayingattention

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