Five Minute Friday — Once

Starting is the hardest part. The blank screen, the blank page stares back at me and intimidates. My mind goes blank, too. But once I start typing, the words start coming, the ideas usually start flowing. I’ve quoted it before, and I’m sharing it again… “I hate writing—I love having written.”

What is it that you are struggling to start? What is it that intimidates you? Is there an art form you want to pursue? Music you want to perform? A poem you want to write? Or perhaps you want to apply for a new job; continue your education; join a sports team; or study a new book of the Bible. Can I suggest you just start?


Just try it once. And you may be surprised. It may be something you never want to do again, it may be something you can’t get enough of. Once in a while you find a gold mine, once in a while you crash and burn.

Sometimes my “once I sit down to write” happens too late at night to sound educated. Sometimes it gets interrupted by tattling teenagers, or needy ones. sometimes I write and I delete and I write again. And once in a while I write something that turns out really great (tonight is not that night).

What can you try once this weekend?

 I joined in with my friends at Five Minute Friday, some thing I used to do once upon a time and I’m working to do it “once” a week. Stop by and visit some other great writers here!

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday — Once

  1. This is so encouraging! I wish so many times, I would have just at least tried Once. Maybe I would have discovered a sport I really would have enjoyed or even been good at. Maybe I would have met some really great people. Life is all about what we make of it. Thankfully, God’s grace is sprinkled in there too.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Miccah (FMF #39 this week)


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