Five Minute Friday—Fresh

There is nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee beans, and the taste of freshly brewed coffee hitting your tongue in the morning. I like to savor my coffee but most weekday mornings, I’m rushing it down on my way out the door. Weekends are different. Drinking an evening cup of tea is different. I try to savor the moment, to rest and read while I sip. To count my blessings anew every week. To see the miracles in the every day.

Blankets, coffee, cute mugs, hot husband who makes the coffee, books (hard copy and digital), Spotify playlists, slippers. Gratitude has a way of giving one a fresh perspective on life, the day, the weekend. When I feel the writer’s block, the overwhelmedness of life, the imposter syndrome, the negative feelings slip in, it’s time to just give thanks.

In my writing life, I’m thankful for writing communities (@hopewriters, @fiveminutefriday, @letsfindyourvoice). I’m thankful for writing books. I’m thankful for reminders that I’m not behind. I’m thankful for a job that pays the bills so my writing can be a no-pressure activity. I’m thankful for pens and notebooks and iPad and keyboard. I’m thankful for writing prompts.

In my family, I’m thankful for home, crazy loud kids, a patient husband, running water, warm beds, food, clothes, music, extended family. I’m thankful for church, for small groups, opportunities to serve, brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’m thankful for Jesus, for grace and forgiveness, for God’s goodness, for truth that will always win. I’m thankful for God’s Word, for spiritual disciplines, for uplifting music, for community.

What miracles can you see in the common of today, and how can it give you a fresh perspective on the circumstances you face today?


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