Better Writer –Extrapolate

The sky was beginning to clear as I started out on my walk up the hill. I was not looking forward to this visit. Hospitals are not my favorite place to visit, but my friend was there and my friend needed me. I was focused on the wet sidewalk in front of me… wet and gray, just like my mood. It was a perfect day for rain. Watching the rivulets snaking down the walk wondering where they would end up, I prayed a little bit. I needed a change in perspective to remember that God made the rain. God also made my friend and loved my friend and knew exactly where she was and what she was going through. Her hospital stay was not a surprise to Him. He was right there with her. And He was with me on my walk up the hill. Every day is a gift from Him… rain and all! Then I looked at my feet. I had slipped on my festive rain boots (why, I don’t know). But they were on for a purpose, so I began looking for puddles and I began splashing. Splashing in puddles just makes me want to sing. Oh the joy of being a kid again and not caring what the passerby thinks. With a spring in my step, I sang a little praise song to my Savior and looked forward to the opportunity to encourage my friend!



photo courtesy of Mr. ThinkTank (via Allume blog)
Day 3 Challenge: Pick something in the picture and write about it. Use descriptive words, etc. Use your imagination, craft a story about someone or something and tell us all about it! I want to see your perspective.

Just a few notes:

This is a work of fiction
I just saw the large building in the back as a hospital (maybe it’s an apartment building, I don’t know)
I had to look up the word “Extrapolate”




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